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Below the Turf uses a model SIR-3000 from Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI), the world's leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar.
The SIR-3000 is a portable, digital Subsurface Interface Radar (SIR) System designed for a broad range of environmental, agricultural, geotechnical, geological and engineering applications. This revolutionary system is the first to incorporate a full-color transflective display screen for clear, easy to read data images.The fully integrated system provides real time data display - what you see is where you are.

If you're worried about the accuracy of old as-built plans … or just need a quick analysis of problem areas (e.g., poor drainage, unknown leak location, subsidence), a Below the Turf survey will give you the information you need to make the most cost-effective decision.

In this example, data is seen real time in 2-D. Note hyperboles of the two plastic pipes. 
Exact pipe locations can be marked when detected during the survey.

Additional post-processing of data provides 3-D images that can be expanded, sliced and rotated for a complete picture. In this case, we found a previously undetected water leak as noted.

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