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Below the TurfTM provides subsurface mapping and analysis of the critical areas of a golf course, athletic field and other turf-intensive operations. We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to conduct surveys. GPR is a very practical technology that allows the rapid, non-destructive collection of data. The result is a 3-D database of the underground hydrology and geology (from the surface to 8 feet deep) that can be used to determine ground suitability for planned construction, to locate pipes and drainage systems, and to analyze problem areas inherent in the management of turf-intensive operations.

From Tee to Green … From Goal to Goal …                From Start to Finish Line

First in the Field: Founded in 2004, we are the first commercial firm to offer GPR survey services specifically for golf courses and other turf-intensive operations.

Expertise in the Field: We know GPR technology! One of our principals was the president of GSSI (Geological Survey Systems Inc.), the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and software. In addition to golf and athletic fields, he has used GPR for multiple applications (e.g., archeology, bridge and highway inspection, SWAT situations) all over the world.

Experience in the Field: We have surveyed more than 450 greens and athletic fields. With over 10 years of specialized survey data collection, Below the Turf as the largest commercial database of golf-course related GPR survey information in North America.

Education in the Field: We have a variety of PowerPoint slide decks about GPR surveys that can be used in educational presentations to professional and industry organizations as well as owners and boards of directors.

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