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3D GPR Survey Applications

3-D GPR surveys are useful throughout the lifetime of golf courses and athletic fields – for pre-design, construction, ongoing maintenance and operations, and renovation/rebuilding:

  • Initial base mapping of a site subsurface - before golf course construction begins - to locate bed rock, utilities, underground drainage paths and other obstacles that can result in construction ‘surprises’ and cost overruns
  • Establish a baseline of existing underground infrastructure and ‘as-built’ conditions where existing course records are incomplete or outdated
  • Quality Assurance of the initial ‘as built’ course, greens, tees and critical drainage areas … and quality assurance for renovations and rebuilds
  • View in great detail the location, flow and condition of underground drainage systems/pathways - before digging
  • Mapping and assessment of greens and playing fields to determine subsurface characteristics in areas identified for remediation or renovation, including…
    • Drainage systems (clean-outs, main line, branches and pipe junctions)
    • Irrigation systems
    • Soil/mix layer
  • Locate subsurface areas with high water saturation compared to the surrounding vicinity
  • Identify presence of voids and sinkholes and pinpoint their location in real time
  • Pinpoint the location of leaks in irrigation systems and drainage pipes
  • Maintain archival records of accurate, up-to-date ‘what is’ (vs. possible ‘as built’); note that survey data can be combined with GPS topography maps, if available.

Whatever the application, after the survey data is processed into 3-D images, you have a ‘mole’s eye view’ of everything below the turf. No other technology provides the level of detail and accuracy – all the benefits of digging … without a shovel.